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Mr. Podolsky is an experienced Russian attorney who has practiced civil and commercial law, as well as litigation and dispute resolution, for the last 35 years  advising and representing top international and Russian clients in various legal matters including contractual, employment and personal disputes and international arbitration.


After practicing several years as a government and private attorney in Moscow and then with a major San Francisco law firm, he started his own law practice in Moscow and in 1991 became one of the founding partners of R&V Moscow office. Later on, he practiced as a partner with Big 4 accounting & consulting firms and worked as a general counsel with a number of major Russian companies.

As a specialist in commercial, civil and corporate law, Mr. Podolsky has significant experience in questions of M&A, corporate reorganizations and restructuring, employment relations & disputes, legal effects and optimizing structure of international cross-border transactions.

Practice Areas
> School of Law, Moscow State
   University, Moscow, Russia
> Institute of State and Law, 
   Russian Academy of Sciences, 
   Moscow, Russia