Russin & Vecchi’s attorneys have an extensive background in representing both public and private lenders involved in financing large-scale projects in Russia, many of which have involved the establishment of mortgages and other security arrangements.

Some of the firm’s notable projects include the following:

  • advising a French commercial bank on a billion-dollar project involving issuance of Eurobonds by two major Russian banks;

  • assisting a foreign investment fund with structuring and implementation of a special-purpose loan transaction for the completion of a Class A office building construction project in Moscow;

  • advising a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trading company on a joint venture project financing transaction involving the construction and operation of a maritime LPG terminal in the Russian Far East;

  • advising an international bank group on Russian banking licensing requirements relevant to cross-border financing of a local government;

  • due diligence of a borrowing company and examination of a multimillion-dollar credit and facility agreement for compliance with the applicable Russian laws;

  • structuring a special-purpose loan transaction for the construction of a large residential real estate and landscaping project in Moscow, developing necessary transaction documents, including a special-purpose loan agreement, operating agreement, shareholders agreement, and the associated securities;

  • counselling an international bank in connection with its loan program in Russia.


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Sergei Lazarev

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Sergey Parinov



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